Will my child be in a class with children of the same age?

Though we try to accomodate your age requests, we feel that having each child in the ability appropriate class is our paramount consideration. We always want your child to be in the level where he or she will have the best learning experience.

When is registration?

Registration takes place in August of each year. Returning students are given first priority with the entire first day of registration exclusively for them.

Do I need to let the studio know if my child will be absent?

Yes, please!! We would appreciate a phone call.

When can I become a student teacher?

Students are asked to become assistants by studying all subjects for several years. Good attendance in your classes is a must! Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a student teacher.

Am I required to stay for the entire recital in June?

This is easy … YES!

No dancers will be released during the show. We have responsible people watching your children. All the dancers deserve to have their work acknowledged and appreciated for the year!