Schedule 2019-2020

9:30Pre-K8:30Tutu Tot
(starts October)
10:00TuTu Tots
(starts October)
1:00Pre-K10:00Tap 1
10:50Mod 1-2
3:40HH 2-3Cl 3-4Tap 1-2Cl 1-2HH1-211:40Tap 2-3
4:30Tap 4-5Tap 6-7Jazz 1-2HH 3-4K-1 Ballet12:30Kind Ballet
5:20Jazz 2-3Jazz 5-6Cl 2-3Tap 3-4A-Beg Jazz 1:20Pre-K
6:10HH 4-5Int ClHH 5-6Adv TapLyr 2-32:10Kind Tap
7:00Lyr 5-6Jr KickA-Int TapLyr 3-4B-Int HH3:00I-Beg HH
7:50Int JazzInt LyrA-Int HHAdv ClTeen Tap 23:50A-Int Lyr
8:40A-Int Lyr 2A-Int Cl 2Adv JazzAdv LyrInt HH4:40Beg Pte
9:30A-Int Jazz 2Int PteAdv HHSr Kick5:30

closed class

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