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Sunday, June 2nd

We are excited to once again be partnering with EAP Dance Photography and Video.  Last year was a great success!

We will be following the same procedure as last year, providing every student the opportunity to take an individual and class picture. Instant (same day) viewing of your picture is available for easy selection and ordering.

We encourage all students to come to the studio on Sunday, June 2nd at their scheduled class picture time to be part of the class picture and stay to have their individual picture taken immediately after.  Group pictures will again be displayed in the studio.

See the schedule below for your child’s assigned class picture time.

Please arrive at the studio in full costume and make-up so you are picture ready!

If you have any questions, please ask at the desk or email us at

ClassScheduled Time
Pre-K Tue 9:30 am/ Sat 1:20 pm9:45 AM
Pre-K Wed 1:00 pm10:05 AM
Pre- K Sat 9:10 am10:25 AM
Tap 1 Sat 10:00 am10:45 AM
Kind Sat 12:30 pm11:00 AM
Mod 1-2 Sat 10:50 am11:15 AM
K-1 Fri 4:30 pm11:30 AM
HH 1-2 Sat 2:10 pm11:45 AM
HH 1-2 Fri 3:40 pm12:00 PM
Tap 1-2 Wed 5:20 pm12:10 PM
Cl 1-2 Wed 3:40 pm12:25 PM
HH 2-3 Wed 4:30 pm12:40 PM
LUNCH1-1:30 pm
Tap 2-3 Sat 11:40 am1:15 PM
Lyr 1-2 Wed 6:10 pm1:25 PM
HH 3-4 Thu 4:30 pm1:40 PM
Jazz 1-2 Mon 4:30 pm1:50 PM
Lyr 2-3 Fri 6:10 pm2:00 PM
Tap 3-4 Mon 3:40 pm2:05 PM
A-beg Cl Tue 3:40 pm2:25 PM
HH 4-5 Mon 5:20 pm2:35 PM
Jazz 2-3 Fri 5:20 pm2:45 PM
Tap 5-6 Tue 4:30 pm2:55 PM
Lyr 4-5 Mon 7:00 pm3:05 PM
Jazz 4-5 Tue 5:20 pm3:15 PM
B-Int Cl Thu 7:00 pm3:25 PM
HH 7-8 Fri 7:00 pm3:35 PM
Jazz 3-4 Thu 3:40 /5-6 Thu 5:20 pm3:45 PM
HH 8-9 Fri 8:40 pm3:55 PM
Int Tap 1 Sat 3:00 pm4:05 PM
Lyr 6-7 Wed 7:00 pm4:15 PM
Int Tap 2 Mon 6:10 pm4:25 PM
Jazz 7-8 Mon 7:50 pm4:35 PM
Beg Teen Tap Fri 7:50 pm4:45 PM
A-Int Cl Tue 8:40 pm4:55 PM
A-Int HH Wed 7:50 pm5:05 PM
A-Int Jazz Mon 9:30 pm5:15 PM
A-Int Lyr Mon 8:40 pm5:25 PM
Beg Pte Sat 3:50 pm5:35 PM
Jr Kick Tue 7:00 pm5:45 PM
Int Cl Tue 6:10 pm6:00 PM
Lyr 7-8 Tue 7:50 pm6:10 PM
Lyr 9 Sat 4:40 pm6:20 PM
Adv Tap Thu 6:10 pm6:30 PM
Int Pte Tue 9:30 pm6:45 PM
Adv HH Wed 9:30 pm6:55 PM
Adv Jazz Wed 8:40 pm7:05 PM
Assistants7:15 PM
Adv Cl Thu 7:50 pm7:25 PM
Adv Lyr Thurs 8:40 pm7:35 PM
Sr Kick Thu 9:30 pm Kick7:45 PM
Sr Kick Thu 9:30 pm Tap7:55 PM
Teachers8:05 PM